About Faculty

  • Overview:

    The Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology was established with the beginning of the establishment of the university. It was the beginning of the computer science diploma program (three years), and with the continuous development of the university, the rest of the programs were added in chronological order as follows:

    -Addition of two Diploma Programs for Management Information Systems and Accounting Information Systems on 22/8/2002.

    -On August 29, 2010, the Bachelor of Information Technology (four years) program was added to the existing programs.

    -On 3 June 2016, the information systems program was finally approved.

    In accordance with its plan for development and in line with the development plans and stages of rapid development, the Faculty will add more programs and majors in computer science and information technology in the coming days.

    About Faculty:

    The Faculty adopts  the annual system (semiannual system), based on the credit hours, which is based on determining the number o...