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Addmission to the University

Admission requirements:
Students are admitted to all degrees  offered by the University in conformiiy with the General Admission Guide for Governmental and Non-Governmental Higher Education Institutions. Admission requirements are:
a. sucessful completion of  the Sudanese secondary school  certificate or its equivalent.
b.   Those  with   fresh certificate apply in  the first round.
c.  Previous year certidcates holders apply in second round directly at the unvierstiy admissions office which submits electonic forms to the ministry of higher education electronic admissions website.
d. Acceptance of students for B.A is  done 
by a system of  percentages calculated from  four subjects (Arabic, English, Religious Education, and Basic or Specialized Mathematics).
e. Acceptance for diplomas is by percentage calculated from five subjects.
f. Transfers at the first level are made through the unified admission office in Khartoum, in accordance the regulations and for the within the  time period specified by admissions.
g.  Students  are transferred from one university to another 
after the first year according to the following rules:
-  obtain the approval of the university or college transferred from, and obtain the  prior approval of the university
- To be eligible and have a minimum level of competition for the university in the year in question that he wishes to transfer to, under the general acceptance.
- The transfer procedures are approved by the unified admission department in Khartoum.

The bridging student must meet the following conditions:
(a) Success in the Sudanese certificate or equivalent.
(b) Success in the subjects eligible for admission to the relevant Bachelor's Program.
(c) The above conditions shall be met in one Sudanese certificate, one seating number and one date.
(d) The bridging from the diploma program to the equivalent bachelor's degree program in the specialization.
(e) The diplomas of two-year program are accepted at the second level of the bachelor's program and the diploma for three-year programare accepted at the third level of the bachelor's degree program.
(f) Diploma holders may be admitted with a grade of excellence or first degree for bridging after one year of graduation.
(g) Diploma holders may be admitted with a very good grade or a second degree for the first semester of the course after at least two years after obtaining the qualification in their fields of specialization.
(h) Diploma holders may be admitted with a good grade or a second degree. The second section is for bridging after four years after obtaining the qualification in their field of specialization.
(i) Diploma holders may be admitted with an acceptable grade or third degree for bridging after five years after obtaining the qualification in their field of specialization.
(j) The Faculty of Medicine does not bridge.
(k) High school students who have a Diploma in Engineering may be admitted to the Bachelor of Engineering after fulfilling the requirements of the bridging.

Admission of mature students

Conditions of mature student

A mature student is a person who does not have the qualifications for admission as a regular student and has met the following conditions

a. Have a long experience with outstanding performance in the scientific field or is known for his intellectual production or has a rare experience or talent or demonstrated scientific excellence in a field

b. Have spent at least ten years of service or experience in his field of work

c.Not less than 30 years of age when applying for university

d. Admission is made on an individual basis and approved by the relevant faculty board within the university

e - Admission to the theoretical faculties only

Acceptance of the mature

Acceptance shall be in accordance with the following controls:

a. The mature student should be treated as a regular student in terms of full time, attendance and commitment to practical and field work

b. He/she may be accepted in any of the years of study as determined by the university

c. A certificate of appreciation of age must be obtained at least two years before the date of submission

d. The student's appearance in the examination committee or conducting any examination or test as the university deems fit

e. Apply for admission to the University and then approved by the  Admission office of ministery of higher education.