Faculties News


The university was begining by three programs  bachelor of education, bachelor of ecnomics and diploma of computer science in 1999

-Two Diploma of Management Information Systems, as well as Accounting Information Systems, were added on 22/8/2002

-In 12 November 2002, continuing education programs were certified as follows:

1-Economics and Computer (academic year)

2-Accounting and Computer (academic year)

3-Business Administration and Computer (academic year)

4- Secretarial and computer (six months)

5- Computer Science (academic year)

-In 26/4/2006, the university was admitted to the Union of Sudanese Universities

-In August 29, 2010, the Bachelor of Information Technology (four years) program was added to the existing programs.

-In 29/4/2013 the English Language Bachelor Program was added.

-In 29/1/2014 the membership of the Board of Trustees was completed in accordance with the new incorporation order issued in June 2013.

-In 25/2/2014, a series of short courses in the field of English was approved.

-In 6/3/2014 five members of the Council of Professors were appointed in accordance with the new incorporation order issued in June 2013

-In 25/3/2014, a Bachelor of Architecture was approved.

-In 25/8/2015, the Bachelor of Law was finally approved.

-In 15 April 2015, the following graduate programs were approved:

1-Higher Diploma Program in Business Administration

2-Master of Business Administration (MBA)

3-Higher Diploma Program in Educational Sciences

Master Program of Educational Sciences

-In 3/6/2016, the information systems program was finally approved

-In 25/8/2016, the medical, surgical and medical laboratory programs were approved

-In April 23, 2017, the Higher Diploma and the Master of Information Technology were approved