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Guest comment: Salih Alnoor Ahmed

good organizing and good timing and we hope more success

Guest comment: Ahmed Alsadig Safori

this ceremony suits the university cause it is a superb at the field of education  at the white Nile state

Guest comment: Hassn Alawad Abad Alla

the ceremony was perfect ....more success

Guest comment: Mudwi Abo Algasim

 valuable edition for the university to add the post graduation studies  and  make the perfect ceremony ....we wish eternal success

Guest comment: Abd Algawi Hamed

this program insures the string's of the university and the good perspective of its staff

Guest comment: Aljzoli Hashim Aaljzoly

clear vision and obvious objective  with a for telling future of leading the social change at the state and to contribution in Sudan  we wish more success

Guest comment: Yosria Ali Abd Algadir

we wish to this university progress and development using the all the new technologies at this era

Guest comment: ِAbd Albagi Ahmed Mohammed

this university it has generated the brim and enjoys a very good reputation and it has taken serious steps to the elevation of education and higher education has taken and we hope for more prosperity

Guest comment: Mosa Mohammed Ali Abo Alreish

this university was marked by follwing paced ranging from infrastructure and university professor university professor then opening up to the citizens of the white nile and provide valuable scientific ariticle that made them proud beacon source of confidence for the seeker of knowledge and this family and is now progressing in science by providing the study opportunities for MBA students today we send our sincere congratulations to the family of the university with you amantona superiority and repayment.

Guest comment: Banga Abd Albagi Altyb

tribute to this  university for having a major  role in the education of the children of the state , we wich her luck and every success and wish her progress and  growth.

Guest comment: Abo Albasheer Adlan Ibrahim

we wish  you progress and prosperity and more knowledge.

Guest comment: Altyb Mohammed Alhassn

a great eddition to this state by this university god bless them

Guest comment: Alsir Hassn Said Ahmed

new addetion for the education in kosti and congaratulations for our dearly  beloved freind dr ..al shazali Eissa Hammad

Guest comment: Alnzeer Alagib Edris

the god reconciles ,honesty , secretariat

Guest comment: Abd Alla Omer Alamin

educational crowed and the blockbester to this university returnes to the care  of this university with education

Guest comment: Faddl Alsaid Yosif Faddl Alsaid

a master pease university and a huge educational instiution  we hope that every one visits it and support it and i call it the caddled bride of kosti

Guest comment: Hamed Ali Mohammed Ahmed

during the period of being in the committee of choosing i noteced with all integrity the uniqueness of the university  graduaters at all the tests

Guest comment: Sadd Mustafa Hamd

add encourage to rehabilitate and raise the educational level , mveda of progress

Guest comment: Muzmil Monwfly Alshikh

we ask god hlep and gaid and promotion the university , god willing

Guest comment: