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The Scientific Council

The  scientific council was established in 2013 by the founding order which enstrusted it with keeping students records , degrees awarded , and examinations results . Its tasks could summarized as the ratification of students scientific degrees , supervise the implementation of the univesity syallabuses, organize workshops , seminar  to raise the qualifications of the teaching staff and their academic training through the normal cycle. Follow the output of the faculties through the deans and secretariats . Issue certificates and reward distinguished students , follow up and supervise examinations, prepare the calendar and timetable of study for the year.

The jurisdictions of the scientific council: 

The jurisdictions and  powe  of the scientific council as follow:

     1- Ratification of scientific degrees.

     2- Recommendation to the committee to ratify the programmes and the new syllabus  for the year after the approval by  the secretariats council.

3- Ratification of examination results.

4- Select three (PhD)  examiners or the equivalent for each programme and raise their names with c.v to the administration to appoint one of them.

5- Issuing the scientific rules and regulations of organizing student’s behavior.

6- Propose the intake  for each specialization to be ratified by the committee.

7- Recommendation to the administration to promote the member of teaching  staff 

8- Recommendation to the secretariats to establish the basic infrastructure for the programmes of the year.

9- Encouragement of research, writing and publication .

10- Invitation of   external estimators to attend the meetings of the scientific council in order to discuss their scientific reports.

the members of scientific

 Senate shall be established and its compositon shall be as follows : 



Vice Chancellor of the University





Deputy Vice Chancellor(if any)



 University Principal



 Deans of Faculties



Faculty members who have professorship 



Heads of Departments'    



 Administration Director



five  members    of good  scientific  standing , selected by the Vice Chancellor from outside the universityfrom after consultation with the chairman of the university council. 



Secretary of Scientific Affairs

Member and Rapporteur


 directors of  research centers and the director of the Publishing house



The functions of the  Senate : 

Second :

1.The senate shall have the following  functions and powers  :

a. Award scientific degrees.

 b. recommend to  the committee to approve new scientific and academic programs following their approval by the university council.

c.Approve examination results

d. nominate three external examiners ( evaluators) who hold PH.D or equivalent for each progeam , submit their names and C.Vs to the Vice Chancellor so as to appoint one of them.

e.issue scientific regulations

f. Propose the admission requirement for each specialization for approval by the committee.

g. Promotion of the staff after being informed of the recommendation of the university promotions committtee.on

 h. Recommend to the univesity council  to establish the main infrastructure of programs of study.

i. Encourage research , wiritng and publishing.

j. Call  external evaluators to attend Senate meeting to discuss their reports.

  The meetings of the Senate :

Third :

1.  The senate hold its meetings three times a year at the times and places determined by its president who has the right to call for an emergency meeting.

2.The president of the senate shall have the right to call any person to attend the senate meeting without that person having the right to vote.

3. The quorum for senate meetings shall be more than half the members . Decisions are passed by simple majority of those present . If votes are equal the vote of the president shall decide the majority .

4. A senate member shall be given a suitable incentive to decided by the executive committtee.