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 White Nile University  council   is formed from leading  personlities in    academic, scientific, financial field  and public life .   The councial meets three times a year according to the articles of association to  supervise the  university activities and  monitor its progress and development.


The 23 member council nominate the Vice Chancellor to the president and the appointment of senior officials , administrators and academic staff on the recommendation of the Vice Chancellor. Among the responsibilities of the Council are approval of the regulations organizing the academic ,  financial , administrative  affairs and support the officials responsible for its daily operations.

        The University council considers the different  facets of knowledge and seek to provide distinguished  academic , high quality  programs for   bachelor, diploma, postgraduate studies in the different   science fields and perform a major role in the preservation of Sudanese  cultural heritage. 

        The members of the  council play key  role in terms   of  contributions, and  the supervision of programs , financial and physical resources and secure    financial  support for the  university  from the different local corporations.



Public provisions:

 1- The validity of the secretary’s council is renewable each four years.

 2- The council should have permanent record deposited to the administration.

 3- Notify the nongovernmental and foreign education with every change and renewable in council members.

    The council is responsible in front of the eye of the national of council for high education through a committee about the scientific, financial, and administrative performance of the corporation.

Jurisdictions of theChairman:

   To realize the objectives of the corporation the council should have the following Jurisdictions:

1- Selection of the president among its members and raise it to the national council to certify it.

2- Drawing of the policies and plans to develop and promote the corporation, academically, administratively and financially.

3- Providing the financial resources.

4- Ratification of the annual budget for the corporation.

5- Appointment of corporation certified auditor and discuss his annual report or any report that he presented.

6- Signing the contracts and the accords.

7- Certifying the appointment of the vacancies of high administration posts.

8- Investment of corporation’s money and increase it through the contribution in suitable other companies.

9- Acceptance of the donations, recommendations in condition that will not contradict with the corporation’s purposes and functions.

10- Ratification of condition of staff service and issuing the basic rule, administrative regulations, financial which organize the work of the corporation. 

11-Specify the jurisdictions, responsibilities of the occupied public posts and high leadership administration.

12- Specification the study fees.

13- Allocation of scholarships.

14- Allocate the considerable proportion of physical return about at least 25% to develop and promote the college.

15- Ratify the new study programs according to are commendation scientific council.

16- The approval of establishing of corporation’s firms according to the dean’s recommendation.  

17- Suspending the study according dean’s recommendation for a period not to surmount one school year study or more that according to the with the approval of the committee.

18-raise the annual reporting about the performance of scientific financial and administrative for the committee.

19- Amendment of this regulation which organizes the its work according to its decision.

the members of scientific

The Univesity Council is the highest authority at the univeristy of white Nile and is responsible for the planning and supervision of the university programs in accordance with the univesity law.

Composition of the university Council:

1-chair person.

2-the founding   members  ( their number  not to exceed  15  members).

3- Memebers
a - Seven members selected by the founders.
b- Three members chosen by the National Council for Higher Education.
C. members by their position :
First: The vice chancellor
Second: Deputy  Vice chancellor (if any).
Third: The Principal  : member and   Council's Rapporteur.
Fourth:   The Dean of one of the faculties. The regulations determine how to choose him.
Fifth: Dean of Student’s Affairs.
Sixth: Secretary of Scientific Affairs.
c. Selected members:
1- One  Faculty member.
2 - A representative of the employees of the institution.
3. Representative  of graduates.
4- Representative of Students.
5- General Director of the administration.
6- Two members of teaching staff to be chosen by the vice chancellor in consultation with the President of the National Council for Higher Education.